Artificial Grass Maintenance Equipment

The Norwegian company Kunstgress-Service AS, has developed and delivers machines for efficient and simple maintenance of artificial grass - outdoor and indoor. Our ATC maintenance machine cleans, airs and evens out an artificial grass field in under an hour. Our equipment is produced in maintenance-free materials. With good equipment you can maintain the ground's characteristics and significantly extend the durability of the field.

Our company aims to provide cost-effective operation of artificial turf. We have successfully developed and delivered ATC equipment since 2006. The machines are developed by operational personnel with extensive experience in the cleaning and maintenance of artificial grass fields. The machines are manufactured in Norway

ATC 2000 large courts
ATC 1400 suitable for smaller courts
Brush Drags 230 x 230 x 230 cm (90.1 x 90.1 x 90.1 inches) powder coated aluminum, mounted special brushes that clean ground surfaces effectively.